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legacy book

Our initial participation deadline for your members to submit materials for the book is fast approaching.

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Old Man's Road (Vietnam POW-MIA Ultimate Survivor Odyssey Series Book 4) by Don Price


book cover

Tom MacLaine is force marched north on the Ho Chi Minh Trail into Laos. Along the way, he is abused, harassed, and humiliated by his captors and the turncoat American traitor. Desperate to escape, he takes a chance that compels him to kill to be free. An Air Force mercy mission to rescue him ends in disaster. Nevertheless, he gains his freedom but is still a captive of his environment—the remote mountains of Laos.

Elizabeth has a frustrating love affair with the Marine officer assigned to handle Tom's POW-MIA case. The officer becomes involved in an ongoing blood feud between the MacLaine and Chisholm families. Several participants in the feud end up dead. Despite one adversity after another, Elizabeth goes to great lengths to persevere in her personal and professional lives. Above all, she remains steadfast in her determination to gain Tom's ultimate freedom.


Forget Not One (Vietnam POW-MIA Ultimate Survivor Odyssey Series Book 1) by Don Price

Forget Not One is about one courageous 20-year old Marine who was captured in 1970 in a South Vietnam mangrove swamp. Corporal Thomas MacLaine was an Eagle Scout who is fluent in Vietnamese. His sister, Elizabeth, is a country lawyer from West Virginia who has an enduring faith in him to survive. 
Their day-to-day lives are intertwined as they struggle to cope with Thomas first being declared ‘missing-in-action’ and later a wounded ‘prisoner-of-war.’ Together they forge an inseparable bond of life-affirming hope in body, mind and spirit. They pursue his ultimate freedom as the mutual quest foremost in their lives. 

$0.00 kindle unlimited
Subscribers read for free.
$2.99 to buy

see details at Amazon


Your Sailing
Adventure with
"Capt. Bob"








Capt. Manfred “Bob” Olson
USCG Lic. No. 1172320

1540 Harbor Drive North
BX 113
Oceanside, CA 92054

Go To Capt. "Bob's" website


"Order Peleliu 1944 "Horror in the Pacific" and get free shipping and

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Peleliu 1944: Horror in the Pacific

The men of HBO's The Pacific describe the ferocious battle for Peleliu,“an island on fire.”

In conditions that tested the sanity of each man, 9,000 Marines attacked 10,000 battle-hardened Japanese soldiers dug into hundreds of fortified and reinforced coral and limestone caves. 28 days of unrelenting battle with no quarter asked or given. The Marines’ goal . . . to kill the enemy before they killed you.

The tale of Peleliu as told against a backdrop of archival film footage and photographs by Eugene B. Sledge (author of With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa and featured in Ken Burns’ film The War on PBS), Bill Leyden,R.V. Burgin, and Jay de l’Eau (all characterized in the HBO mini-series, The Pacific, March 2010, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, Executive Producers) is as harrowing as any in the history of modern warfare. A battle of total annihilation fought in inhuman conditions. It must never be forgotten.


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"Copies of Peleliu 1944: Horror in the Pacific are available from Kenwood Productions for $14.95 each. To order go to www.americanherofilm.com

and click on the “cart” button for Peleliu 1944 and follow the prompts. To receive free shipping, enter promotion code K35 in the discount code field before filling in the credit card information on the final checkout page. To pay by check or money order, send payment in the amount of $14.95 to Kenwood Productions, Inc., PO Box 50213, Minneapolis, MN 55403 and write K35 in the memo section to receive your free shipping discount. For every copy of Peleliu 1944 sold using code K35, a $3 donation will be made to the First Marine Division Association."

Video Poster


"There is nothing sanitized about these documentaries . . There is battleground film mixed with interviews of those were in combat. The interviews are powerful because the people doing the talking are our neighbors."

— Minneapolis StarTribune

"Impressively produced and edited. [The results are] totally unlike the routine ‘I was there documentary.’ The veterans provide human insights as they recall the intensity of the battle, offhandedly discuss their own deeds, bristle at the memories of enemy ruthlessness – but crack emotionally, even after 50 years, when telling how their buddies fell in battle."

— St. Paul Pioneer Press


"Fantastic footage of World War II in the Pacific. I would highly recommend that all history buffs watch this DVD."

— Joseph H.


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